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Microcurrent Face Lift


  • Diminishes wrinkles on face and neck, erases lines between eyes (glabella) and forehead; diminishes pores
  • Diminish neck wrinkles and sagging, lifts and sculpts jowl
  • Lifts area around mouth (nasolabial area) and diminishes “marionette” lines at side of mouth
  • Lifts eyes and brows significantly
  • Decreases dark circles and puffiness under eyes
  • Diminishes lipomas (small fatty deposits)
  • Sculpts jaw and lifts cheekbones
  • Rejuvenates the pink glow of youthful hues for smoother and softer skin and even skin tone
  • Tightens skin
  • Decreases double chin
  • Rids excess fat and diminishes fatty cheeks
  • Diminishes acne and acne scarring (face and body)
  • Improves Rosacea, Vitiligo, Melasma
  • Correctively evens out areas from injectable collagen/filler migration or uneven botox results
  • Correctively rejuvenates the shiny clay like skin from stretching producing a youthful glow
  • Elastin fibers are 10x longer and stronger with Microcurrent
  • Accelerates new skin cells at the germinative layer

Unlike botox, fillers or surgical procedures Microcurrent is not a Band-Aid approach to anti-aging. It is a preventive cosmetic treatment that decelerates aging while taking years off the face. Results are cumulative and can be used if you have had botox, fillers or a surgical face lift. Microcurrent can improve the results of filler, botox and surgical face lifts and can prevent the need for 2nd and 3rd surgical face lifts. We can improve the color and quality of skin after repeated filler and botox to decrease the shiny “clay” like appearance that often times occurs and the end result is a youthful hue and glowing appearance.

Microcurrent doesn’t damage the skin, it improves the skin elasticity and tone and is important for optimal cellular functioning. You not only look younger but feel younger, too!

Special Occasion, Need A Lift?

If you have a special wedding, or special event shceduled and have not yet done the entire building sequence with microcurrent don’t despair! If you are going on vacation or have a wedding or other event, and you have not yet had the building sessions, schedule a session with us the day before and you will be amazed at the quality of your photos.


Our priority is our clients wellbeing. We know how important it is to not only look great but feel great, too. We offer more than the outside change…. Microcurrent stabilizes the body’s cells in general and helps the body function at its optimum best. (even if you are doing the nonsurgical face lift the current affects all cells)

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best and that is our passion.

Microcurrent Treatments $125
Recommended treatments 10-15
Package Pricing Available