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Our Story


> Retin-A.
> Accutane.
> Blue light therapy.
> Other over the counter acne products.

> Peels.
> Various Lasers.
> Microdermabrasion.
> Med-spas, dermatologists, or products offered from infomercials.


All to often you have been introduced to expensive machines that “have the latest technology” but have failed you. When given antibiotics that also fail, you are just given another antibiotic. These not only have dangerous side effects, but are also a disappointment. Most med-spas don’t have trained acne specialists and hire students right out of school with no specialized or advanced training. And the products that you purchased on TV or over the counter just irritate your skin and you still have acne and are not cleared up.


The utmost comprehensive and scientific skin analysis will determine the exact needs of your specific skin, not just what your skin type is, but what you need for your specific skin. Gone are the days of dry, oily, combination skin. Everyone has some type of combination skin, and the conditions that exsist on your skin will be addressed.


Carol Boulet has been successfully treating acne since 1984. Her mission is to clear everyone in as short as time as possible. Her worst cases are usually clear in just 8-9 weeks, even dermatological failures. Located in Orchard Park, New York, she has cleared hundreds of acne sufferers. Here is how we are different:

Clients are given a home care plan that is followed up on. We use potent active pharmaceutical ingredients so we want to make sure things are just right for your skin type.

Clients are educated on the “myths and truths” about acne. Clients are coached on ingredients that cause acne. Even some acne products can actually cause acne.

Time is spent with each client so that they understand what they have to do at home.

The proper formulations are used according to each clients skin. In other words, you can have acne/oily skin, acne/dry skin, acne sensitive skin, etc.

Clinic treatments are usually every two weeks so that we can clean your pores and balance your skin.

Your skin does not get worse before it gets better. It gets better every day, every week and every month.