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Acne Cleansing Kit for Accutane Users

Acne Cleansing Kit for Accutane Users


The following cleansing kit is mild, hydrating and soothing for sensitive ACCUTANE users. 

If you are on ACCUTANE you CAN NOT use a Benzoyl Peroxide product during or 6 months after stopping usage of Accutane. 


Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanser is Aloe Vera based with unique lathering properties formulated for people with easily irritated, sensitive, rosacea, dry, normal and combination skins. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Provides a mild cleansing action. Does not strip away natural oils. Use on a daily basis.

Balancing Toner
An important step that re-balances and hydrates skin bringing it back to it’s natural pH. Conditioning, calming, and soothing; reveals the radiant skin beneath. Contains our proprietary formula to balance the skins pores containing salicylic acid and glycerin.

If you are having problems clearing up your acne on your own, or keeping your persistent acne under control,  you may need extra personalized help. You can book a consultation and get recommendations via email or skype. You’re not alone, and we want to help!

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Weight 8 oz

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