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Acne is a devistating disease that affects upwards of 50 million Americans annually, according to the American Dermatology Association, including adult acne and teenage acne.  Acne can causes psychological problems because of scarring.  In addition,  poor self-image and depression are also associate with acne.
Many acne suffers seek out Dermtology clinics, but many dermatogists don’t even treat acne, or it can take months to get an appointment.
Acne suffers try over the counter or drug store products claiming that they have tried everything, but nothing had worked for them.
To clear up your skin you must first understand what acne is and what acne isn’t as there are many acne myths.  First, understand that acne is not caused by dirty skin or eating greasy foods. You do not get greasy skin from eating greasy foods any more that you can get green hair by eating brocoli !
The hair on your forehead, DOES NOT CAUSE acne. These myths can be devistating to acne suffers, as they are probably the cleanest people !  “Get in there and wash your face” stated by parents, just contributed to the anxiety suffering.
Acne,  is actually a disease just like diabetes or hypertension. It’s a disease  of the HAIR FOLLICULE  whereby the skin cells that line the hair follicule sluff off at at an excellerated rate and get impacted in that hair follicule. This is due to a genetic disorder. Some hair follicules are normal while some are abnormal. In addition, the bacteria that live in the hair follicle feed off of the sebum produced by the sebacous gland secreating fatty esters. These fats, dead skin cells and bacteria form an acne impaction.
When you kill the acne causing bacteria known as C-bacteria, or P-bacteria, you interfer with the acne cascade of events.
One medication that kills the bacteria is benzoyl perioxide and is the most common and potent medication for acne.
There are many benzoyl perioxides on the market. They are not all the same. Some are too weak, or too strong, or some even cause acne.
Everyone’s skin type is different and there are even  different types of acne. That’s why there are so many different acne medications on the market.
Custom Clear Acne products are different.  First, your products are customized to YOUR SKIN TYPE and YOUR ACNE TYPE!
Your skin will NOT get worse before it gets better. It just gets better evey day, every week and every month.
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